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7 Mistakes to avoid when selling your home


As you know selling a home can be a time-consuming and tedious task. With no experience and knowledge, sellers often make mistakes that can be avoided. Here in this article, we will be sharing a few tips to keep in mind while selling a home.

1. Overpricing
Setting the right price for your home is important. A good real estate agent will perform a market analysis and let you know about the market value. Listing a property too high can mean turning away potential buyers and having your home sit on the market—which can also be a turnoff.

2. Hiring the wrong real estate agent
Selecting the right agent can be challenging since so many options are available to us these days. The agent you work with should have a license to operate and have experience selling homes in your area. Consider asking family and friends for recommendations, and do ask for references

  1. Skipping professional photos
    It’s quick and easy to take snapshots of your home with your phone. But it’s a practice that sellers should avoid, as amateur-looking photos can hurt your chances of attracting the right buyers. These days, most buyers look at listings online before visiting in person, and a good first impression is crucial.

    4. Not employing a realtor
    Is it because you’re worried about the hefty commission? Agents are knowledgeable about market trends and pricing. One will simply waste time, energy, and money and finally at one point of time in the selling process, one just wants to sell the property. A qualified agent with good negotiating skills can list your house and negotiate with other agents or buyers to deliver that price to you.
  2. Neglecting to mention neighborhood perks
    These days it is as vital to endorse your neighbourhoods as much as the house. Yes, feel free to mention the nearby supermarkets, parks, schools, malls, bus stops, railway stations, and many other conveniences around your locality. The inclusion of these points can surely lure potential buyers.
  3. Ignoring minor repairs
    Minor repairs can make a significant difference in how the property is perceived. Ignoring these details can give the impression of a lack of maintenance, which can deter buyers. Make sure to address any minor repairs before promoting your house.
  4. Negotiating with a closed mind
    It's natural to have some emotional attachment to the home or to want to hold out for the best possible price. But negotiating with a closed mind only leads to dead ends. If someone presents a competitive offer, stay open-minded, be willing to negotiate, and try to remove emotion from the equation.


Selling a house can be a very time-consuming and expensive process but it can be easier when you learn from the experiences of other people and don’t make the same mistakes. By addressing the above-mentioned mistakes, you can ensure a smooth transaction while selling your property.

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