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6 Most Common Real Estate Questions Answered!

Buying a property is not a piece of cake. There are many factors involved when you go about the process of buying a property. As a first time buyer, you might not know about who to go through & how to select the right agent for your needs. As diligent of a process as it is; it is also rigorous in its own way. References from friends, relatives, colleagues can help but not all the way.
So, what to do now?
Don’t worry! To help you get started for your hunting journey, we begin this process by answering the most asked questions on real estate right here!

  1. How do I find a profitable investment property?

If you want to invest in the right property, then you need to conduct thorough research on the real estate market, which includes cities, areas, and properties. However, this process can be a little complex; you can take help from trusted real estate agents to know about properties and market analysis. You can also consult online real estates websites to look for a profitable investment opportunity.    


  1. How long will it take to buy a home?

Firstly, a buyer has to go through a pre-approval process. Post that, the estimated time depends upon the buyer for choosing and shopping for the right house. Once the buyer decides on the property, then it takes a minimum of 30-45 days for deal to process through. This process can get faster depending upon the market situation along with your financial situation, not to forget the time of year in which you are looking to make the purchase.  


  1. How can I prepare my home for selling?

It is indispensable to prepare your home well, before selling. Fix the repairs like leakages, damages to furniture & fixtures, damage to the wall paint etc. It is usually said that, for a house to get sold, it should get a deal as early as possible. So, make sure to complete all the arrangements before making it available for buying.


  1. Can I step back from a deal?

Yes, you definitely can back out any time right before closing the deal.  Your token or pre-deposited money will be returned if mentioned so, in the agreement and also as per RERA Guidelines.

  1. How can a real estate agent help me buy a property?

Everyone wants to invest in real estate but most of them don’t even know how & when to start. If you don’t have any prior experience of buying, selling, and the local market, there are more chances of you buying something which is not worth your money. Real estate agents are professionals and have good experience of selling & buying. They will guide you with the best properties that you can invest in. Real estate agents also help to negotiate the price of the property. Find a trusted real estate agent and ask him to show you the best properties of your interests.


  1. Are real estate prices negotiable?
    Yes, the list price of a property is always negotiable. The negotiation process always comes after selecting and confirming the property. Before moving along to the negotiation process, select the property best suitable to you in every way. An excellent real estate agent will guide you with all the negotiable offers.


The whole process of buying or selling a property is time-consuming and complex. But, if done with proper guidance and assistance, it's going to be fruitful. Before investing, just do proper research with your Realtor for current market analysis and get an answer to all the related questions before moving forward.

Happy Hunting!

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