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5 Reasons Why Rau-Pithampur Road Will be the Investment Hub of Indore

If you were to believe key decisions by the government, influx of investment, and development of facilities on the Rau-Pithampur road, it would prove itself to be the future investment hub of Indore. Indore has always been the financial capital of the city, sparking investments and expansion. With easy connectivity and accessibility, it helps businessmen to carry out their businesses well. In addition to this, continuous progress has led to a dedicated economic corridor at this crucial location. Here are 5 more reasons why it is so.


  1. Government support: For any investment plan to take shape, consistent government support is crucial to realise the completion. As per the reports from MPIDC, the government is focusing on a heavy influx of investments on every front. Much work is already under process, which clearly gives an idea about the future plans.

  2. Manpower: Easy availability of manpower from surrounding areas is another key factor in developing and giving shape to any infrastructure project. The culture, ease of living and accessibility to major amenities in Indore attracts more manpower. If we were to compare the per labour cost, which is a point to consider from the perspective of investors and industrialists. This factor adds up to developmental activities. More and more MNCs are hence willing to set themselves up in Indore.

  3. Easy transportation: Every industry needs clear and smoother roads to move back and forth between manufacturing and supply units. The Rau-Pithampur road offers great connectivity across the state’s major resource hubs. The local transport and even the state of road transport are fair enough for the hassle-free commute.

  4. Developed Neighbourhood: This idea is a well-known fact that when the neighbourhood is in a good stage or phase of development, it can attract more investors. The Rau-pithampur road has a good locality with essential facilities of education centres, residential complexes, medical facilities, entertainment centres, transport facilities etc. So when investors build newer factories, the neighbourhood is in a better stage to accommodate people from all walks of life. Last but not least, the presence of the economic corridor itself speaks for the credibility of the investments.
  5. Affordability: With the above-mentioned pointers, the Rau-pithampur road offers affordable space for investors and associated people who will grow their investment in future. One can think of spending a few years of their life due to work.


Indore is developing at a fast pace than ever. It helps the surrounding areas to evolve as well. The Rau-pithampur road is a promising investment hub, already attracting a lot of capital and real estate developers. If you wish to book your residential or commercial plot, ensure to schedule a call with experts from Sarthak Singapore Group.

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