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5 Major Recent Trends In Colonizing And Housing Sector

The real estate industry has seen many ups and downs in the past year. It has been one of the most prominent pillars of the Indian economy and it continues to be. With things getting back to normal, the real estate industry is settling down as well. It has many new things to offer and along with that, people’s needs have also evolved.

Some trends are becoming more prominent in the real estate industry and are being embraced as well. Here are a few of them:


  1. Biophilic Designs

With the evolving demands of people, a new concept of having biophilic designs in their homes is trending. Nowadays, people are more tilted towards living around nature and natural surroundings, these biophilic designs fulfil their needs.

Having these designs in their home gives them a sense of being around nature as well as provides their house with a modern yet natural look. The strategies include infusing greenery, small water-bodies, wood logs, and natural stones in the living spaces. Some designs that allow more natural light inside the house are also known as integral biophilic designs.


  1. Community Living

Homebuyers are now looking for well-designed and self-sufficient spaces. They are looking for spaces where they can have everything under one roof through communities like co-working spaces, convenience stores, fitness centres, cafes, etc.

This trend of community living got a boost during and post-pandemic. Seeing the conditions during that difficult time, people prefer living in places where they can get easy access to necessary amenities.


  1. The Safe And Sound Environment

For the past couple of years, people are mostly focused on safety, security, and hygiene also and not only lavish or luxurious designs. They are getting engaged with the developers to discuss all these safety norms while buying the property.

Due to Covid-19, their idea of having a safe and sound environment has evolved. For them, having a safe neighbourhood does not limit to safe from robbery or crimes but also safe in terms of health and hygiene. People want to live around with neighbours but not in a crowded area.


  1. Purchasing Affordable Property With The Help Of a Housing Loan

People want to live in a house that they can call their own, so, they are buying houses with the help of a housing loan. This way they can have their own house and pay off their loan easily. A considerable portion of India’s workforce has been working remotely, so, they have started moving from their temporary rented residents in Tier I cities to their hometowns, i.e., in Tier II and Tier III. This has led to an increase in the demand for affordable housing in these (Tier II & Tier III) cities. Hence, they have started buying their property on a housing loan.


  1. Work From Home-Friendly Residences

As working from home has become a major part of people’s lives, they are preferring properties that are work from home-friendly. Having an office in the home is the current trend in the housing sector. The new interiors and decors will incorporate specially designed work from home spaces.

Also, buyers are looking for houses that can accommodate their work essentials and styles. It helps them to be more productive and effective while working from home.

Today’s home buyers are more towards health, hygiene, and safety. Their changing demands about new trends are aligned with a better future. And as the real estate industry is quick in response, it is open to bringing all kinds of changes to provide the buyers with a comfortable living.  


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